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You won't be able to start your computer when it's hooked into the wall if your left MacBook Pro I/O board (Motherboard) is broken or malfunctioning.
If your backlight isn't working, it's possible that the inverter is broken. The logic board or the display could also be defective.
Charging Port
When you withdraw your computer from a power source, it may begin to act strangely and, as a result, switch off.
Butterfly keys have a different mechanism than regular keyboards, which uses a scissor mechanism.
The best way to keep your laptop in top condition is to regularly clean and maintain it.
If the fans spin at a high RPM but the computer won't start, the problem is most likely with the thermal sensors.
If the battery in your MacBook Pro is dead, the machine will work normally with the power adapter but will shut down when unplugged.
If your MacBook Pro beeps three times, it means you have a RAM problem.
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If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
Another typical iPhone issue is the battery not charging when the phone is plugged in.
Is the audio quality of your iPhone's recorded films and audio poor?
Home button
Have you ever gone to use your phone, put your thumb on the home button, and it wouldn't unlock?
Is it difficult for you to hear your closest friend's voice on the other end of your iPhone call?
If you have any limitations enabled, your iPhone camera will not work.
Power Button
Whether your iPhone 8 button is stuck or your iPhone 11 power button isn't working, we've got you covered.
One of the most prevalent issues with an iPhone is rapid battery loss.
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If you're having trouble getting your PS4 to connect or display properly, it could be due to an HDMI issue.
Hard Drive
Low-level failure can cause lag/slowness in PS4 performance, or possibly cause the console to crash.
The majority of defective fans have a damaged bearing.
Because of this, The graphics card will be underpowered, causing performance to diminish and images to be displayed at a reduced quality.
You might have problems with your DualShock controller.
When the PS4 disc drive fails in any way, you may discover that it refuses to accept new discs.
Apple Watches are tough, but they're not indestructible.
Your watch battery is running out faster than it should be?
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We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

90 Days warranty on All Repairs

We are fully stand behind their repairs with a full 90 days warranty from the date of repair!

Premium Grade Parts

We only use premium grade parts to repair your devices which are sourced from manufacturers who provide the highest quality available on the market.

Over 1,500 Devices Repairs

Rest easy knowing that our technicians are fully certified and have repaired thousands of devices before yours!

Low Price Guarantee

Getting your device repaired shouldn’t break the bank. Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers.

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We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

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We are committed to delivering top-notch customer service and continuously strive to be the preferred repair shop in Ottawa for laptops, and Desktops. We are driven by passion and value quality service in computer repairs.

  • You can choose from our in-house tech support or in-store support
  • Expert tech only repairs your device for your trust
  • Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

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From laptops and desktops to the latest and greatest devices, we can repair your systems in 30-45 minutes at your home, office, or a neighborhood coffee shop.

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Professionally Certified

Ottawa Computer Store’s Certification programme ensures that every technician’s cell phone and tablet repair skill is up to par, setting the industry standard for device repair.

Rigorously Verified

We are the best at fixing your gadgets thanks to multiple interviews, background checks, and certification criteria.

Completely Prepared

Rest assured that each repair takes place at a location of your choosing and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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